AND Development

Volume Production


At Oaston we manufacture customer components ranging from 1off special projects to batches of 5000.

We operate in many cases to just in time manufacture making it necessary to hold stock, also thanks to our 24-hour operation Monday to Friday we also have the ability to react to short lead times should the need arise.

Following machining all parts are then sent to our cleaning facility where they are processed and packaged according to customer requirements.



For over 20years we have suppliedĀ  biotech and scientific sectors, components for X-ray photoelectron microscopes being one area, these complex instruments in many cases have a substantial design to manufacture period, our engineers work closely with our customers from initial prototype, in some cases altering design and manufacture until the instruments are passed for production.

In aerospace we are constantly adding new components to our already substantial list of approved parts, again helping our customers develop new technologies and systems.

All parts are then sent to our cleaning facility where they are cleaned, packaged and despatched accordingly.


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